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Membership Data

Member  74,934 people

(Nov 2021)

STAE ETERNITY PTE. LTD. is a regular member of Japan's largest marriage agency network, the Japan Federation of Marriage Agency (IBJ), which has more than 2,984 marriage agencies all over Japan. The Japan Marriage Consulting Federation (IBJ), which provides more than 48,842 safe and secure matchmaking each month, has a number of people who are looking for marriage, the number of enrollees, the number of married people, the age group, and the area. and other data were collected.

No. 1* Number of married couples

In 2020, 12,249* of the members registered with the Japan Marriage Agency Federation (IBJ) left their membership after getting married.

Number of Marriege (Annual) ※1

2018 9,701 pl
2019 11,909 pl
2020 12,249 pl
No.1industry ※2

*1 Including those who got married outside the system of the Japan Marriage Agency Federation * 2 Survey by Japan Marketing Research Organization (September 2020 survey, targeting major marriage agencies and federations)

In particular, about 8,600 marriages between members registered with the Federation of Japan Marriage Consulting Offices (IBJ) are born each year, and it is characterized by an annual increase of 110% compared to the previous year.

Number of marriage between members

(In IBJ members)


  4,512 pl


  4,739 ppl


  5,708 ppl



6,344 ppl



7,847 ppl



8,624 ppl

In 2020, 110% UP competed with 2019!

New members

The average of new members one month is about 4,100 !

New member in Nov 2021


Age of members

The volume zone of age of members is early 30's to late 40's.


~29 5,301 ppl
30 to 34 13,774 ppl
35 to 39 16,805 ppl
40 to 44

12,963 ppl

45 to 49 10,161 ppl
50 to  54 5,680 ppl
55 to 59 3,024 ppl
60 2,940 ppl

※Aug 2021

Income of male average

The volume zone of average income of male is 5 to 7 millions.

This is the same result of general survey on the annual income which female expect  from their marriage partners.

The average annual income of a salary earner from a private company announced by the National Tax Agency is 4.2 million yen (2015), so it is a good database for finding a marriage partner.

IBJ members get higher income than average.

~3,990,000 5,214 ppl
4,000,000~4,990,000  6,565 ppl
5,000,000~6,990,000 10,912 ppl
7,000,000~9,990,000 6,524 ppl
10,000,000~ 3,704 ppl


Edcational background of members

More 70%of members graduated from Junior colleges, colleges, graduated colleges.

There are so many members who join trusted job, so we are able to introduce them to you at ease.

54.7%  29.5% 14.5%  



junior colleges・colleges junior high schools graduate colleges other

※ Aug 2021

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