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Main Counselors

Chiharu Yamamoto(CEO)

Chiharu Yamamoto

  • Nurse
  • Nailist
  • FP
  • born in 1979 in Osaka
  • my parents are kindness and nurtured with care
  • I liked playing tennis and sports when I was child
  • Currently, while becoming a nurse and having fun every day while raising adorable son, but I divorced her husband due to a gap in future values.
  • After that, a single friend invited me to a marriage hunting event, and I was so impressed that I decided to work as a host of a marriage hunting event.
  • golf
  • travel
  • go to hotsprings


If you think about matchmarketing

We are able to support all of you for example internal and external.
We have some kinds of professionals, so you can try to find your best future.
You don't have to worry about because we try to do our best to find your charm and advice 
your behavior and teach you how to communicate with person.

Please never give up with us!!

The reason why I started a Matchmarketing marriege agency

In my experienced, I often got a consultation from my friends or known people about love and getting married. Also, I am good at connecting with people, so I would like to guide people to get married.

CEO's idea

Marriage agencies only have people with proper identities, so you are guaranteed a trustworthy encounter.

Also, there are many people who have not been able to fall in love even if they have been looking for a meeting for a year on the app, but the marriage agency will support matchmakers, so getting married in a short period of time is not a dream.

Even if you don't know where to start or are not good at talking with, a marriage agency can give you face-to-face advice.


I think you have had various love affairs so far, but I would like you to decide the last love at our consultation center.

Please come and see me first. Let's act together.


Nowadays, the number of dual-income families is increasing, and I would like you to value communication as much as possible even in such a day-to-day situation.

And I want the family to be able to say "thank you" to everyday life.


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