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For biginner

  • busy work and can't see anyone
  • not last long
  • not good at female but would like to get married
  • want to see a homely woman
  • proceed with marriage even if busy
  • want advice from female perspective
  • can't see a ideal person
  • rushing to get married around me
  • no confidence
  • I want to know the fashion and how to make me up
  • I want to know how to communicate
  • I want to get marriage quickly

We firmly support such worries and anxieties.

Find a partner and guide you to marriage

For biginner

Our company

This agency can provide you encounters which you have never met before.

We have connection with IBJ and the original network, so we are able to introduce doctors, medical care workers, listed companies, exectives and so on to you.


We are able to advice you if you don't know how to communicate with people and 

Recently ,it is increasing rate of both working in Japan, but it is important for you to have communication with a partner even if you are in this social situation.

Also, you have better to always appreciate your future family even if you spent nomal life with them.


Could you see me and let's move and try with us to find your new life.

Trying to...

We are nurses, so we are good at listening and to open your mind. Actually, our clients who relyed on us could talk with us frankly. We always try to contact them like friends or family.

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