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The International Marriage Agency

Thank you for visiting our website.

We are able to support you cooperate with some professionals.
It's no prblem If you don't have a confidence and experienced.
We will bring out your charm.

Please feel free to contact us.
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Our survice provide fateful encounter for you.

We have some network with doctors, listed enterprise and presidents.

Standard Plan 

・make your plofile sheet yourself
・have meetings sometimes you require

Golden Plan

・make your plofile sheet yourself
・have meetings constantly

Perfect plan

・support making your profile sheet
・meeting with our president "Yamamoto" once in a month
*We provide others 5 merits for you

Female docter

This plan is for especially female doctors.

Male doctor

This plan is for especially male doctors.

For health care workers
Standard Plan

This standard plan is for especially medical care workers.

For health care workers

Golden Plan

This Perfect plan is for especially medical care workers.

reason why we are chosed


We use DNA identification and research congeniality.

Any kinds of professionals will support you

We have a mental coach who is famous in Japan, chef, color coordinators and photographer will support you with full force.

Act according to circumstances

Our counselors are professional of make you up, put on nail, advice your appearance to you.
Also we are able to tell you how to communicate with people with line and SNS.

We can deal with you using a zoom or phone.

Main Counselor

Chiharu Yamamoto

I will support you

This marriage agency guarantee the trustworthy encounter.

Also, this agency support you with full force, so getting married in a short period od time is no longer a dream.

We are able to advice you if you don't know how to communicate with people and 

Recently ,it is increasing rate of both working in Japan, but it is important for you to have communication with a partner even if you are in this social situation.

Also, you have better to always appreciate your future family even if you spent nomal life with them.


Could you see me and let's move and try with us to find your new life.


Our Achievement

30's Sato couple

"I had a confidence because of a lot of stuff found my strength I did't know."


40's Ozawa Couple

"I would like to marry in this year" I said. Also, I could get married because of the staff tried to do their best for me.

50's Iwasaki Couple

I was ashamed that I would like to marry 50 years old.
However, the staff cheered me up and I am happyy to encounter the best partner.

Who can meet here?

This service has 74,934 menbers, and join IBJ which is the  NO,1 network in Japan.

!12,249 people got married every year, and provide 48,842 trustable machmaking every month.



~29 5,301
30~34 13,774
35~39 16,805
40~44 12,963


50~54 5,680
55~59 3,024
60~ 2,940

Volume zone: 30's~40's 

Income of male

~3,990,000 5,214
4,000,000~4,990,000 6,565
5,000,000~6,990,000 10,912
7,000,000~9,990,000 6,524
10,000,000~ 3,704

Volume zone: Female requires 5~7 millions for male in one year.

It is higer than the average annual income of private company salaryearners announced by the National Tax Agency of 4.2 million yen, and it is a good database for finding a marriage partner.


Renewal website 

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